PHP Developer

Besides being able to fluidly collaborate across the team to define and size the clients desired features, you are able to quickly move from MVP to more robust functions of the application, keeping it all object-oriented.

Additionally, you also understand design principles behind a scalable application, and your creative thinking and flowing ideas are probably well known and therefore highly valued (at least in Opus).

Wanting to learn more and willingness to dwell into uncharted territory is a must, and having a degree in computer science or something similar is certainly a plus. Although we do realize that papers alone don’t write code, so no pressure on the last one.

Our end of the deal

  • Experts in their fields are eager to welcome you on board
  • Participation in truly exciting local and international projects
  • Super nice atmosphere to bring out the best in you
  • Paycheck to meet your skills - we don’t pay peanuts. Those you can get for free in our kitchen along with apples and bananas and cookies and waffles and....(the list continues)
  • Personal self-development budget - choose what you want to be better at
  • Various compensations to make your life even sweeter!

Your end of the deal

  • Killer PHP expert
  • Can React, when needed
  • Make automated testing platforms and unit tests happen
  • Know your way around either Redis, MySQL, MongoDB or GraphQL
  • Bonus points for taming Angular JS when it starts fighting back
  • Knowing Node.js or JavaScript (ES6) gives ++ to salary negotiations skill tree
  • You must speak and write in both English and Estonian most exquisitely!

Ready to become an Opus Owl?

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