PHP Developer

If you are a badass developer who has experimented with different frameworks and doesn't shy away new things on the fly, you might just be our beloved PHP developer.

Our end of the deal

  • Experts in their fields are eager to welcome you on board
  • Participation in exciting local and international projects
  • Super nice atmosphere to bring out the best in you
  • Paycheck to meet your skills
  • Various compensations to make your life even sweeter!
  • Full-time job in Tallinn or Tartu

Your end of the deal

  • Killer PHP expert
  • Can React, when needed
  • Make automated testing platforms and unit tests happen
  • Know your way around either Redis, MySQL, MongoDB or GraphQL
  • Bonus points for taming Angular JS when it starts fighting back
  • Knowing Node.js or JavaScript (ES6) gives ++ to salary negotiations skill tree
  • You speak English and Estonian

Ready to become an Opus Owl?

Send us an e-mail with your CV and we'll be in touch with you!