2022 for Opus: 5 Things that Symbolise This Year

2022 has come and (nearly) gone, and to say it has been really something for Opus would be an understatement. This year has been full of massive and high-impact projects, growth, and so much more, said CEO of Opus, Margus Eha.

As no year is complete without proper reflection and patting yourself on the back, Margus has picked out five key moments from 2022 that he feels best highlight everything we got up to this year, and how it all has made us stronger and better, whilst bringing the team even closer together and increasing our skillset to new heights.

New office

This year we finally moved into our new offices, to be closer to our colleagues at Uptime. Whilst any change might be difficult at first, the dust has now settled and it’s clear that it was the right move. Our new office is open and airy, without making it feel like you’re working at a public market. Everything and everyone has found their place, teams have settled into their spaces, and the pool table, massage chair, stocked kitchen, and lounging areas have really been getting some use.

There’s still one or two things to be done, but overall we’ve reached a point where we’re happy to call our new space our home.

Tons of interesting projects

We’ve almost lost count of the number of interesting and highly impactful projects we’ve started or completed this year. From working with Apotheka on their new e-commerce front-end WCAG solution, all the way to helping startups like Sisiflow or Elmo to launch their new services or apps, there has been no shortage of interesting projects to undertake, learn from, and use ourselves on a daily basis after their release.

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Not just out with the old

As already hinted, this year brought along a ton of new projects as well that we’re still working on. As you might have guessed, not all names are public, but we’re happy to say that from this year we’re working with the likes of LHV, TD Baltic, MG Beauty and Kaupmees & KO. This offers our staff a great mix of different things to work with, ranging from full-custom back-end development, all the way to e-commerce projects, UI and design projects, and a whole lot more.

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The team is stronger than ever

Opus’ team has always been a tight-knit group, but I truly feel that this year we’ve reached new heights. Everything seems to be working like clockwork, people understand eachother, and there seems to be a real desire to learn from eachother and help out when it’s needed. This is not entirely new, but I am glad to see that it is becoming even more prevalent.

This mutual respect, and even friendship, is also clearly highlighted by the fact that this year we have had a record number of interactions between staff outside the work as well, with people enjoying eachother’s company enough to hang out after work as well. Be it either in the context of events hosted by ourselves, or entirely on their own accord.

We’ve expanded our foothold

At the end of 2020, we joined forces with one of the leading development companies in the region, Uptime, and this year has really shown why it was the right decision. We’ve kept our autonomy and culture, whilst having all the necessary support and know-how from our new colleagues we might have otherwise lacked. Not to mention, it has also opened the door to work on larger international projects, giving our people the chance to truly have an impact.

This year we were also joined by a new Polish company joining the Uptime family, increasing our manpower, know-how, and opportunities for further growth.

I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings.