Apotheka’s e-pharmacy, developed by Opus, wins the title for most user friendly e-commerce solution

Apotheka’s e-pharmacy, built by Opus, has won the title of the most user-friendly e-commerce solution in the health and beauty space for 2022. The title was awarded to the project by one of the largest trade magazines in Estonia.

The e-pharmacy is a multi-language and extremely large-scale digital storefront built on Magento 2 and React, whilst being totally WCAG 2 AA compliant.

“I’m incredibly happy for Apotheka and its customers, Opus’ development team, and everyone else involved in this massive undertaking,” said Tanel Särgava, project manager responsible for the e-pharmacy project. “To build something this large and to build it well is not easy, but thanks to everyone’s contribution we’ve managed to create something worthy of an award.”

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