How to Find a Company Where You Can Actually Shine?

In the days past, a good work environment was one where the coffee was free and the managers were more or less tolerable. Today, with good reason, the standards have changed and Opus’ CEO Margus Eha notes that more and more companies are realizing that to attract top talent and to help people really excel in their work, they need to offer more.

“What was amazing some years ago, is the norm today. And with that in mind, every workplace needs to adapt,” he said. “And it’s not just about the flashy or the material – fresh fruit, good salary, cozy offices, and lots of other amenities are of course still important, but on top of that, people are increasingly looking for companies with the right cultural values as well.”

The best results are achieved when people feel comfortable, they have the room to grow and to make mistakes, they can make their voices heard and work with like-minded people, and they feel secure and know that they are treated like adults – without unnecessary oversight or micromanagement. And that’s something Opus, along with many other culture-focused companies, strives for.

“There’s no one-size-fits-all option that makes everyone happy and each and every person seeks something a little different in the company they choose to work for. As such, each company curates its own values and offering. For some it’s flashy skyscraper offices and other material things, that often mask other dysfunctions that tend to be more important in the long run, while others focus more on wellbeing, long-term sustainability, and employee happiness,” Margus explained.

Ideally, there’s a mix of the best both worlds have to offer, whilst keeping in mind that certain perks attract certain people. For Opus, the core values offered are stability, freedom, room to grow, great challenges, and the possibility to work with people you actually like spending time with. All this on top of the core offering, of course, covering everything from a competitive salary and other perks.

The most important task

Margus noted that trying to find the company that best aligns with your values is hugely important, as this can make or break the working experience. To that effect, he recommends spending a great deal of time trying to understand what’s important to you and what’s behind each company’s offer. Whilst most white-hat companies are open about their strengths and weaknesses, it’s not uncommon for some to use dazzling to lead attention away from serious problem areas.

“In the end, the better you know what’s important for you, the easier it will be to make the right choice. At the start of your career, it can be a bit difficult, but as time goes on and you get to experience the positives and negatives of different environments, the wishlist gets more and more concrete and checking boxes while doing research becomes easier, and the chances of making the right decision increase,” he added.

“At Opus, we see that we’ve managed to craft an offering that’s appealing to many – as exampled by our extremely high average employment time – and we’d be happy to talk about it with you,” he said. “We promise to be open and honest, so if you’d like to know more, get in touch!”