Is Your Store Underperforming? Now is the Time for Magento

Nobody can deny that the economic climate is changing – inflation is still high, interest rates are rising, and customers are becoming more and more careful with their spending. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that so many e-commerce operations are seeing their revenues shrink. But, difficult times give the most outstanding stores the chance the shine. More often than not, these stores run on Magento.

When every penny counts, every purchase decision involves a lot more due diligence and thought. Nowhere is it more true than in e-commerce. When you have a million competing stores, you are in a constant arms race, where the right pricing and value proposition are key, but where trustworthiness, personalization, and the ability to control your overhead cannot be underestimated.

So, with that in mind, what should you do? As is always the case in e-commerce – change to meet the needs of your customers. A few years ago a simple Woo store might have been enough, but to thrive today, you’ll need to be able to offer something extra or be able to exercise further control over your costs.

Personalization, headless e-commerce with multiple brand stores linked to the same back-end, seamless integration with other software, and a site that can be rapidly adapted for campaigns or any other purpose is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. Having worked with it for years, both we and our customers can vouch that Magento is by far the best solution out there at the moment to achieve these goals. With the right development team, of course.

E-commerce operations built on Magento offer flexibility no other platform out there can match. With Magento, you have near endless flexibility with the front end – we mostly use React to build out the customer experience – and its backend tools offer everything you could wish for. Analytics, reporting, headless, integrations with logistics and accounting, multi-language support, marketing tools, and endless customization options.

We could go on, but the fact of the matter is simple. Today, most of the most successful stores run on Magento. In Estonia, you can look at the likes of Automaailm, Ideal, Apotheka, and dozens of other stores. From the wide world, look at Ford, Land Rover, or HP.

We’ve built some of the most successful Magento stores in the region. Want to know if it’d be a good fit for your business? Get in touch! In the meantime, check out our most recent case studies.