Opus at eCommerce Expo: What Trends Will Impact the E-Commerce Space Over the Coming Years? 

Opus’ leading e-commerce teams attended the annual eCommerce Expo, held in London, to gather input from the biggest players in the market, as well as hear experience stories from some of the biggest recent failures and biggest successes in the e-commerce space. 

“The world of e-commerce is changing rapidly, and to offer our clients the best, we need to keep on top of trends and new options out there. Whilst we’re constantly evolving and learning something new, attending a larger tradeshow with some of the biggest names in the world in attendance, offers us a unique perspective and a conduit to garner even more in-depth information,” said Margus Eha, head of Opus. 

This year, companies such as MasterCard, Stripe, and Adobe gave talks about their experiences in the e-commerce space, covering topics such as the future of digital commerce, the state, and future of omnichannel stores, market and consumer trends, the crossover point between marketing and sales, as well as diving into topics such as CRMs, payments, and a lot more. 

Margus Eha noted that whilst most companies have a slightly differing view of where the e-commerce space is heading, it’s still possible to pick up on the largest and most clear-cut trends. “E-commerce is here to stay, omnichannel is the future, personalization and automation are key, integrations are vital, and payment options all over the world need to evolve to a level we’re used to in Estonia today,” he said. 

In addition to attending the panels and talks, Opus’ team met up with potential clients and partners to discuss ways for cooperation, as well as to share ideas and past experiences. “Over the years we’ve built dozens and dozens of large-scale and high-turnover e-commerce solutions, but as companies with vastly differing backgrounds attended the event, it offered us a chance to see how things are done elsewhere and are there some tips or working methods we could utilize as well, to keep offering our clients the best options possible,” he added. 

“We were also very happy to see that many other companies from our region attended the expo as well. Estonia is the hotspot for technological innovation, as such it’s vital we keep up our form and not let down clients, who expect the best from us,” Eha added. 

Post-event, Opus plans to analyze the information gathered and see if and how the new trends observed could be best utilized for client projects. “We’re always on the lookout for the next big thing,” he noted. 

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