Software Development

Does your business need something special, a bulletproof e-commerce solution, a brand-spanking-new web application, a portal that will blow your competition out of the water, or some other custom piece of software? Then you need Opus’ 360-degree full-service approach to development, where ingenious design, top-notch technologies – such as Node – and modern development practices and architecture are key.

What Do We Do?

Of course, every project and every application are unique. That’s why before getting started on anything else, we’d like to sit down with you and your team and map out the best possible approach for your bespoke solution.

Opus in Numbers

What Have We Already Done?

The better question is what haven’t we done. We’ve built large-scale solutions for the likes of banks, startups, publishing houses, multinational corporations, and a lot more. We’re also no strangers to building custom e-commerce solutions with all the bells and whistles you could hope for. Have a look at some of our recent projects

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